Last night, after watching my son’s high school football game, we leave the stadium and enter a freeway full of stand-still traffic.  Makes no sense; it’s 8:00 on a Thursday night.  No reason for traffic to be bad.  It’s not Christmas time, it’s not Rodeo month (this is Houston, after all), no Super Bowl being Read More →

A: Acceptance … of all that is. On the mat, and off. Of where you are in life. B: Breath If you are reading this, then you are most likely breathing. Breath is the foundation of yoga, and because we are all living, breathing creatures, we all can “do” yoga. There really are no other Read More →

My dad is a pretty amazing man. He is a brilliant physician with excellent clinical skills, an endless well of knowledge, and the greatest compassion you could ever be so lucky to encounter in your doctor. He is tireless and has an incomparable work ethic, putting himself through college, medical school and residency with a Read More →

I’m on a mission.  A mission to help people feel better.  I know that sounds simplistic and cliche and possibly a bit arrogant, but it’s the truth. We all have our interests, our gifts, the things we’re good at, and plenty of things we really aren’t so good at.  For example, I am an incredible Read More →